\ ˈpas  \
passed; passing; passes

Definition of pass

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intransitive verb

1: MOVE, PROCEED, GOThe boat was too tall to pass under the bridge.
2a: to go away : DEPARTthe fright passes almost immediately— Fred Majdalany
b: DIE often used with onHer parents have passed on.
3a: to move in a path so as to approach and continue beyond something : move pastespecially : to move past another vehicle going in the same directionglowered at the other driver as we passed
b: to run the normal course used of time or a period of timethe hours pass quickly
4a: to go or make one's way throughallow no one to pass
b: to go uncensured, unchallenged, or seemingly unnoticedlet the remark pass
5: to go from one quality, state, or form to anotherpasses from a liquid to a gaseous state
6a: to sit in inquest (see INQUEST sense 1) or judgment
b(1): to render a decision, verdict, or opinionthe court passed on the legality of wiretapping
(2): to become legally renderedjudgment passed for the plaintiff
7: to go from the control, ownership, or possession of one person or group to that of anotherthe throne passed to the king's sontitle passes to the buyer upon payment in full
8a: HAPPEN, OCCURcommenting freely on the transactions as they pass— W. L. Sperry
b: to take place or be exchanged as or in a social, personal, or business interactionwords passed
9a: to become approved by a legislature or body empowered to sanction or rejectthe proposal passed
b: to undergo an inspection, test, or course of study successfullytook the examination and passed
10a: to serve as a medium of exchange
b: to be accepted or regardeddrivel that passes for literature
c: to identify oneself or be identified as something one is nottried to pass as an adultMom could pass as my sister
11aobsolete : to make a pass (see PASS entry 3 sense 5) in fencing
b: to throw or hit a ball or puck to a teammate often used with offtook the ball and quickly passed off to a teammate
12a(1): to decline to bid, double, or redouble in a card gameHer bridge partner passed.
(2): to withdraw from the current poker pot
b: to let something go by without accepting or taking advantage of itthanks for the offer, but I'll passoften used with onpassed on the cheesecake

transitive verb

1: to go beyond: such as
a: SURPASS, EXCEEDpasses all expectations
b: to advance or develop beyond
c: to go past (one moving in the same direction)passed a slower moving car
2a: to go by : proceed or extend beyondpass the school on their way to work
b(1)obsolete : NEGLECT, OMIT
(2): to omit a regularly scheduled declaration and payment of (a dividend)
3a: to go across, over, or through : CROSS
b: to live through (something, such as an experience or peril) : UNDERGO
c: to go through (something, such as a test) successfullypassed the final exams of his courses
4a: to secure the approval ofthe bill passed the Senate
b: to cause or permit to win approval or legal or official sanctionpass a law
c: to give approval or a passing grade topass the students
5a: to let (time or a period of time) go by especially while involved in a leisure activityI'll read to pass the time
b: to let go unnoticed : OVERLOOK, DISREGARDhis commander quietly passed his likes or dislikes— George Meredith
6a: PLEDGEhad passed his word that he would repay the debt
b: to transfer the right to or property inpass title to a house
7a: to put in circulationpass bad checks
b(1): to transfer or transmit from one to anotherpass the saltpassing the savings on to customers
(2): to relay or communicate (something, such as information) to another
c: to cause or enable to go : TRANSPORTwaited till the soldiers and wounded were all passed over— Walt Whitman
d: to throw or hit (a ball or puck) especially to a teammate often used with offpassed the ball off to his teammate
8a: to pronounce (something, such as a sentence or opinion) especially judiciallypassed sentence on the convicted man
b: UTTERpassed a cutting remark
9a: to cause or permit to go past or through a barrierpassed the detectives to view the crime scene
b: to move or cause to move in a particular manner or directionpassed my hand over my facepass the rope through the loop
c: to cause to march or go by in orderpass the troops in review
10: to emit or discharge from a bodily part and especially the bowels
11a: to give a base on balls topassed two batters
b: to hit a ball past (an opponent) in a game (such as tennis)
pass muster
: to gain approval or acceptanceHis cooking could pass muster in an expensive French restaurant.
pass the buck
: to shift a responsibility to someone elseStop trying to pass the buck and take responsibility for what you did.
pass the hat
: to take up a collection for moneypassed the hat for families affected by the disaster
pass the time of day
: to exchange greetings or engage in pleasant conversationpassed the time of day with friends in the park


 noun (1)

Definition of pass (Entry 2 of 4)

1: a means (such as an opening, road, or channel) by which a barrier may be passed or access to a place may be gainedespecially : a low place in a mountain range
2: a position to be held usually against odds


 noun (2)

Definition of pass (Entry 3 of 4)

1: REALIZATIONbrought his dream to pass
2: the act or an instance of passing : PASSAGE
3: a usually distressing or bad state of affairswhat has brought you to such a pass?
4a: a written permission to move about freely in a place or to leave or enter it
b: a written leave of absence from a military post or station for a brief period
c: a permit or ticket allowing free transportation or free admission
5archaic : a thrust or lunge in fencing
6a: a transference of objects by sleight of hand or other deceptive means
b: a moving of the hands over or along something
7archaic : an ingenious sally (as of wit)
8: the passing of an examination or course of studyalso : the mark or certification of such passing
9: a single complete mechanical operationalso : a single complete cycle of operations (as for processing, manufacturing, or printing)
10a(1): a transfer of a ball or a puck from one player to another on the same team
(2): a ball or puck so transferred
12: an election not to bid, bet, or draw an additional card in a card game
13: a throw of dice in the game of craps that wins the bet for the shooter— compare CRAP entry 3 sense 2, MISSOUT
14: a single passage or movement (as of an airplane) over a place or toward a target
b: a sexually inviting gesture or approach
16: PASE



Definition of pass (Entry 4 of 4)

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